Staff List

Administrative Staff

Name: Position: Phone: Email:
Anita Baisley Student Services Director 360-374-5602
Sheri Crippen Principal 360-374-5657
Karla Kiedrowski School Counselor 360-374-1140
Mark Jacobson Superintendent 360-374-5609

School Staff

Name: Position: Phone: Email:
Alice Ryan 7-12 Science
Andrew Rahal 7–12 English
Dale Wilson 7-12 Shop/P.E.
Jordan Jackson 7-12 History
William Lee 7-12 Math/Art
Eric Jennings K-12 Special Education/Highly Capable Program
Kim Davey Kindergarten Teacher
Lakhina Ky 1st Grade Teacher
Linda McCabe 2nd Grade Teacher
Kirsten Whited 3rd Grade Teacher
Victoria Hanson 4th Grade Teacher
Jessica Schwartz 5th Grade Teacher
Margery Marshall 6th Grade Teacher
Pricilla Ross Quileute Language Instructor
Calysta Bos Para Educator
Jennifer Klahn Para Educator
Karen White Para Educator
Nathan Schultz Para Educator
Patty Fry Para Educator/Librarian
Ramona Hensley Para Educator
Vivian Watson Para Educator
Natasha Riggan Data Support/Testing Coordinator
Krystal King In School Suspension
Michael Riggan Information Technology Network Administrator
Wayne McNealey Head of Maintenance/Custodial
Arnold Black Bus Driver
Delphina Williams Head Cook
Stephanie Doebbler Receptionist/Registrar 360-374-5648
Dakotah LeClair Administrative Assistant/Secretary 360-374-1152
Connie Birley Business Office 360-374-5606
Jay Matsen Business Manager 360-374-1146
Molly Sarrazin Accounting


About Us

Quileute Tribal School (QTS) is located in            La Push, Washington.

We are a kindergarten through 12th grade School. Established in 1992, we’ve been educating children for over twenty five years.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know!


Contact Us

Quileute Tribal School
40 Ocean Dr
PO Box 39
La Push, WA  98350

t) 1(360) 374-2601
f) 1(360) 374-9608