The Quileute Tribal School is pleased to be moving towards the use of G Suite for education as a tool for teaching in the classroom. As we continue this migration we want to make sure that parents are involved in knowing what tools students will have access to and the reassurance that students are being protected from any harmful elements.

The deployment of Chromebooks has been a great success so far and the students and faculty are making remarkable advancement as they put these new learning tools to work. We now want to provide the same advantages to our 3rd – 6th grade classrooms.

G SuiteRead: G Suite for Education Notice to Parents and Guardians

Print page 1, sign, and return to teacher.

What does this mean for 3rd – 6th graders?

These students will be assigned a managed email account for use with G Suite in the classroom and at homes.

What will the account be used for?

Classroom instruction, turning in assignments, communicating with teachers, etc.

What should teachers do?

Provide documents so students can get parents consent for the school managed email being assigned to their student. Keep track of returned consent forms until they can be retrieved.

What should parents do?

Read the Notice land sign the paperwork if you would like your student to participate.

What should students do?

Immediately take the paper home, and get your parents signature, and return it to your teacher.

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