Teaching in a Pandemic! Check out QTS in the News

Recently, QTS Science Teacher Alice Ryan, selected as Mentor of the Year, shared an article from West End Natural Resources News that reported on her Stay Home Challenge on Buoyancy.  Alice has an article that is featured on her experience as a teacher in the Pandemic.  Two QTS students are featured in the Newsletter.  Joe Ward on page 19 working on his Buoyancy Stay Home Challenge and Kevin Ryan on page 24 with his “grabber” for the Stay Home Challenge.  Check out our students and staff making news headlines.  West End Natural Resources News and North Pacific Coast is a lead entity for Salmon Recovery.  QTS has applied for a fish hatchery to be set up on the new QTS campus after the building is turned over to the school.  Students through Alice Ryan and Jenny Jennings (QTS Staff Members) initiated the project and students will learn more about Salmon Recovery and collaboration with Tribal Resources.

Newsletter LINK or LINK announcing QTS Science Teacher Alice Ryan as Mentor of the Year for North Pacific Coast Marine Resources (NPCMR).  Congratulations Alice …. you make a difference for QTS!

Newsletter LINK announcing QTS Students Joe Ward and Kevin Ryan working on NPCMR Buoyancy Challenge.  Awesome!  (Check out pages 1, 7-9, 19, and 24.)


A Message From Superintendent Decker

Dear students, staff, families and community;

We made it!  Here we are at the last day of school of an incredible, challenging and unforgettable school year.  It has been nothing like I have seen in the conclusion of my 33 years of education and what an entry for my first Superintendent position.  Having traveled the world, I have said many times, I am not sure which is worse, terrorism in North Africa/Middle East or Covid 19.  Both resulted in people I cared for being harmed or passing that touched me significantly.


School Profile – Recovery Plan

The State of WA Law and Federal Law require a post on the school web page for community input regarding diagnostic tools to be used, as well as Equity Tools used by the school. Funding distribution requires these documents.  QTS has incorporated these documents as part of the school profile.   The post allows for moderated comments.  Please review at your convenience.  The QTS School Board will review and consider these diagnostics in a motion for approval on June 8, 2021.  Thank you Superintendent Mark J. Decker

LINK TO THE QTS SCHOOL PROFILE (posted June 1, 2021)