A Message From Superintendent Decker

A Message From Superintendent Mark J. Decker

Dear students, staff, families and community;

We made it!  Here we are at the last day of school of an incredible, challenging and unforgettable school year.  It has been nothing like I have seen in the conclusion of my 33 years of education and what an entry for my first Superintendent position.  Having traveled the world, I have said many times, I am not sure which is worse, terrorism in North Africa/Middle East or Covid 19.  Both resulted in people I cared for being harmed or passing that touched me significantly.


School Profile – Recovery Plan

The State of WA Law and Federal Law require a post on the school web page for community input regarding diagnostic tools to be used, as well as Equity Tools used by the school. Funding distribution requires these documents.  QTS has incorporated these documents as part of the school profile.   The post allows for moderated comments.  Please review at your convenience.  The QTS School Board will review and consider these diagnostics in a motion for approval on June 8, 2021.  Thank you Superintendent Mark J. Decker

LINK TO THE QTS SCHOOL PROFILE (posted June 1, 2021)

Lessons from Hawaii

Title: The Hawaiian Language Nearly Died. A Radio Show Sparked Its Revival from the Podcast: The Code SwitchLINK: https://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2019/06/22/452551172/the-hawaiian-language-nearly-died-a-radio-show-sparked-its-revival                      Directions:  As you critically read this story of Hawaii and its challenges with Language preservation in the link above, would you care to share by writing “your takeaways” below for the larger QTS Community…tell your story and connection to QTS language and culture. Remember this is a public document.  The audience is past and present members of the QTS community.  Please consider your comments as we look to others on “How might we take these lessons from Hawaii and apply them to Quileute Tribal School?” Read about this memory below of Rook and Shelly Black, written by QTS Staff Members Patty Frye and Stephanie Doebbler, and click this LINK to read more stories.

Since Teacher Appreciation Week QTS has opened this document to others to share their stories about QTS:  LINK