Welcome The Whales Ceremony

Credit and Hands Raised to Vern Ward Jr. for the video and Whale Song music overlay. (April 1, 2022)

  • We raise our hands to QTS’s very own Lucy Taylor for organizing a very successful Welcoming The Whales Ceremony on Beach One this past Friday.  We look forward to May’s Elder Week celebration. https://www.facebook.com/quileute.tribalschool.3
  • We raise our hands to Michaela “Mickey” Villicana and Elena Velasquez, as well as Superintendent Reaume for your support, and bringing from QVSD 207 students to the Welcoming Whales Cultural event.
  • We raise our hands to the LaPush community leaders, activists and elders who encouraged the community to attend, pray, speak, drum, sing, dance, and lead the Quileute People at Beach 1.
  • We raise our hands to Quileute NationTribal Events Leticia Jaime for facilitating the community events at the Akalat in the afternoon.
  • We raise our hands to the Quileute Tribal School Staff and Administration!



Pre-Announcement: Come join us on the beach and celebrate the 2022 Welcoming of the Whales. AGENDA

Throwback to 2009 and the 2nd Annual Calling of the Whales, Photo Credit Chris Cook.

Covid UPDATE: March 22, 2022

Covid UPDATE: March 22, 2022

QTS will continue with the mask mandate inside school buildings, (entering) school buses and the Akalat Gym (for QTS events only).  The School Board will review their motion on April 19, 2022 or (at) their regularly scheduled monthly meeting.  
PLEASE NOTE: The QN Health Clinic, QN Tribal Offices, and QN Store require masking to enter.  The QN Tribal Council order gives choice to businesses on the Quileute Nation to make their own decisions on mask mandating.  Click this LINK for the full order of the Quileute Nation.

Posted on School Web Page – March 22, 2022 @ 6:37 pm

Posted to School Social Media – March 23, 2022​

March 2 – UPDATE Transportation + Spirit Week

. Parents in LaPush, please note the QTS Web Page for the new LaPush Bus run times. Be sure to scroll through the transportation rules, bus rules and routes.  Students have assigned seating on the bus.   The new LaPush route begins on Thursday, March 3, 2022.  Cody and Stephanie contacted the LaPush parents on Wednesday, March 2nd.  The Forks Bus Run remains the same and assigned seating has been established as well for Forks.

Also Check OUT SPIRIT WEEK by QTS Associated Student Body:  Facebook LINK


Parent Announcement

.  February 15, 2022

Parents QTS is working to bring K12 school bus service to lower, middle and upper villages.  Stay tuned for updates. 

Parents QTS has been working on the School Profile section of the Official School web page for nearly a year.  The school profile is a list and description of many aspects of QTS.  I want to bring students, parents, staff and community members attention to a link https://www.pbisworld.com/# that you can use at home and school to help anyone.  QTS is introducing this web page, which brings together multiple tried and true interventions for all learners (children and adults).  Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an evidence-based three-tiered framework to improve and integrate all of the data, systems, and practices affecting student outcomes every day.  PBIS creates schools where all students succeed. www.pbis.org.  PBIS was identified by the QTS staff and community back in 2019-20, pre-pandemic, as a need through community meetings.  For the last year, a Learning Leadership Team at QTS has taken on the PBIS concepts and applied them to Special Services.  You can read more about this in the QTS K12 Special Services Program document on our QTS School Profile.  QTS is working to incorporate these best practices into our school and use evidence based three-tiered framework into a fully functional model by 2028.  The State of Washington is moving to this model for the Special Services program by 2028.