QTS Bell Schedule

Middle School/High School Regular Day

Breakfast8:00am - 8:20am
1st Period8:23am - 9:17am
2nd Period9:20am - 10:14am
3rd Period10:17am - 11:11am
4th Period11:14am - 12:09pm
Lunch12:09pm - 12:39pm
5th Period12:42pm - 1:36pm
6th Period1:39pm - 2:33pm
7th Period2:36pm - 3:30pm

Middle School/High School Early Release Day

Breakfast8:00am - 8:20am
1st Period8:23am - 8:56am
2nd Period8:59am - 9:32am
3rd Period9:35am - 10:08am
4th Period10:11am - 10:44am
5th Period10:47am - 11:20am
6th Period11:23am - 11:56pm
Lunch11:59pm - 12:26pm
7th Period12:29pm - 1:00pm

About Us

Quileute Tribal School (QTS) is located in La Push, Washington.

We are a K-12 School established in 1978 and educating children for over forty years.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know!


Contact Us

Quileute Tribal School
40 Ocean Dr
PO Box 39
La Push, WA  98350

t) 1(360) 374-2061
f) 1(360) 374-5784

See our School Directory https://quileutetribalschool.org/staff-list/