CBS News visited the QTS Campus

CBS News visited the QTS Campus, Tuesday, October 19, 2021.  The purpose was to interview students about their thoughts on Climate Change and Moving to Higher Ground.  QTS welco

med the news crew of CBS News and Quileute Nation Publicist Jackie Jacobs to our existing QTS Campus as well as our new Campus (move in date September 2022) on higher ground.  Check out the link below reporting on the event, shout outs to key people and pictures of the event.  Soon we will publish the link to CBS News report once we learn when the event will air on television.

Agenda for Visit (page 1&2) and what actually happened (page 3)

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QTS Covid UPDATE: Sunday, October 17, 2021


Sunday, October 17, 2021 QTS Covid UPDATE

  • QTS continues to monitor the Grade 6 level classroom.  Students are returning to class with doctor clearance through the QTS Attendance/Registers Office.  Three Covid cases in Grade 6 appear not to have spread further as of today, Sunday, October 17, 2021
  • Masks required at QTS inside the building.
  • Encourage all to re-examine their behavior outside of school and work to protect your school and community by being mindful of mask wearing, washing hands, and social distancing.
  • QTS continues to monitor one adult case of break through Covid 19.
  • Encourage all adults to get vaccinated and update boosters.
  • QTS staff remains at 83% vaccinated.
  • Superintendent Mark J. Decker is the Covid Contact for QTS.

QTS Covid UPDATE: Sunday, October 10, 2021


QTS Covid UPDATE: Sunday, October 10, 2021

October 7th (late evening) and October 8th (late evening), two parents from two different families (not related) with two students in one family and one student in another family, both in one grade level reported their children had tested positive for Covid using home test kits and are showing symptoms.   We have a total of three (3) students in a grade level with Covid 19 as of October 8th.  All three of these families reside in the Forks area.

Dr. Allison Berry has been assisting me this weekend with advice on how to proceed.  Michael Foster is included in communications.  Dr. Berry reports the local school, as a result of having three students test positive in a grade level, must either require testing of all the students in the grade level OR close down the grade level.
QTS has chosen to have all the students in the grade level tested and remain open in that grade level.
Furthermore, QTS is monitoring one adult and five total students in the population for Covid 19.


Covid UPDATE October 7, 2021

Covid UPDATE for October 7, 2021

  • QTS is monitoring two (2) cases of Covid in the adult population. Both cases are breakthrough meaning the adults were vaccinated.
  • QTS is monitoring ten (10) cases of possible exposure in the adult and student population.
  • QTS continues to see no spread of the virus at school.  It typically is poor choices on weekends or large gatherings.
  • QTS students continue to pick up breakfast and eat breakfast in the classrooms.
  • QTS students are eating lunch in the multipurpose room; Grades K6 (Max 52) in cohort grade levels at lunch tables; Grades 7-12 (Max Range 40 – 63) in cohort grade levels at lunch tables. This practice began approximately September 20, 2021 as our staff needed a 30 minute lunch break during the day.  Group size is not a factor due to our school size, unless the whole school was involved.
  • QTS is in contact regularly with Quileute Nation Incident Commander / Chief of Police Michael Foster and Dr. Allison Berry, Clallam County Health and Human Services.
  • QTS Superintendent Mark J. Decker is the Covid Contact tracing person for the School and administers Covid testing as needed for QTS staff and students.