April 19 – Covid 19 Update

QTS heads into its fourth week (April 19, 2021) of in person classes three days per week.  We see an “uptick” in Covid cases in Clallam, Jefferson and Kitsap Counties.  QTS had a close call last week that nearly threatened to shut down our lower grades.  All of the parents of the grade level were contacted regarding the status and the health department gave us accolades for our protocols.  We avoided a shut down when the individual tested negative.   Bottom line …. please wear your mask, social distance and wash your hands.   Everyone needs to be careful over the weekends to mind their behavior.  This scare at QTS was a result of weekend behavior that came back onto campus.  Please be safe and do the right things for the safety of the entire community.  QTS decided to postpone students eating together in the lunchroom, due to the continued threat of covid. Students are eating breakfast and lunch in their grade level homeroom or secondary school advisory classroom.

Schedules April 12th +

Grade 7-12 Students and Staff this is great time to be learning how to access the daily schedule using the student personal Skyward Student App.  Staff and parents due to Covid the process was interrupted last Spring 2020.  As we head into 2021-22 we will all learn how to access Skyward.

Spring Break @ QTS

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Quileute Tribal School is on Spring Break April 5-9, 2020.  Re-energize, relax and be safe all.  Classes will resume at 8 am on Monday, April 12, 2021 with in-person learning Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as well as 100% remote learning on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  QTS will complete the school year on this schedule through tentatively June 16, 2021. 


Please Note:

  • There is no food service the week of April 5-9th. 
  • The Registrar Office; Business, Maintenance & Operations Office; and the Superintendent’s Office are open for business during Spring Break from 8 am – 4 pm. 

Welcoming The Whales Ceremony

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2021 – Welcoming The Whales Ceremony (nearly post pandemic).
QTS honored the Quileute Tribes cultural custom of Welcoming The Whales Ceremony. This honoring has happened at the school since 2008. The 2nd Annual celebration resulted in a photo that is displayed in the Smithsonian Institute, when a photographer caught the expression of young students on the beach when a Gray Whale surfaced during the ceremony. Celebrations have been happening yearly, but due to the pandemic 2020 was skipped. Yesterdays, April 2, 2021 honoring marked QTS’s 13th Celebration of the Whale migration north and understanding of the cultural meanings for the Quileute People. A salmon is prepared and layed on a bed of cedar boughs upon a raft. Students push the raft out into the cold surf of the Pacific Ocean while performing traditional songs and drumming.
Afterwards a meal is served and fun activities for the students, prior to breaking for the Spring Break vacation.
QTS was successful (no covid cases) in bringing students back to school for in person learning March 22, 2021 through April 2, 2022.  Classes will resume on Monday, April 12th.  We will remain with the schedule of in-person/or choice of online for Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Tuesday/Thursday 100% remote throughout the remainder of the School Year (tentatively June 16th)
Thank you QTS students, staff, school board members, tribal council, police department and invited guests for attending the 13th Celebration of the Whales. Next year we hope to be covid free and we can celebrate the event as an entire community wide event.
The Welcome the Whales Ceremony was a perfect example of a student centered activity. 
Putting our students in leadership roles where they are honoring their culture and learning who they are and where they come from is key to
their success, supporting them as young people and empowering them.  Programs like this improve learning, promote healthy caring lifestyles and support success for all students at QTS.
The QTS Team!
YOUTUBE Video Clips:

Did you know QTS has Webcams?

Webcam views from QTS of Little James Island, James Island and Beach 1, La Push, WA

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Thank you Quileute Nation and Forks Chamber of Commerce.