Wednesday, September 7th, 2022 the NEW QTS Building OPENS at 8:20 am Welcoming Back Students, Parents and Community

Sep 4, 2022 | Announcements

Wednesday, September 7th, 2022 NEW QTS OPENS at 8:20 am Welcoming Back Students

  • QTS is inviting the students, parents and LaPush Community to come to school together on the first day.
  • An altered class schedule will take place September 7,8, and 9th which is organized by our Strengthening Families Planning Team.
  • QTS Strengthening Families Team wanted to mark this historical day by inviting parents and community members to come to school together on the first day.
  • Please note the school doors do not open for students until 8:20 am unless a pass is acquired by a teacher in advance.
  • School arrival is 8:20 am Monday-Friday for drop-off ONLY at the front door.
  • Buses arrive at 8:25 am (LaPush) and 8:30 am (Forks) and drop off is in front of the school with all students entering through the front doors.
  • All enter through the front doors and are greeted by Stephanie Doebbler and Andrea Coberly.  If absent the day before, prepare to have a note.
  • ——————————————
  • School ends at 3:45 pm Monday -Thursday
  • Early Release Fridays students are dismissed at 1:50 pm.
  • The employee work day is 8 am – 4 pm with the exception of bus drivers and cooks.
  • Practice your Quileute Chant for the entrance ceremony.
  • Learn it here