UPDATE: Covid – Omicron Thursday, January 20, 2022

Jan 20, 2022 | Announcements, COVID Updates

January 20, 2022

Parent News! QTS wants our parents and students to know that QTS has reassessed attendance. We have decided to “flex” our student attendance procedures until this Omicron variant passes in order to support parents in making the safest choice for their children and family, who are dealing with Covid.  We want our parents to know to please keep your children home if they are sick related to Covid, please follow the Quileute Tribal Health Flowchart LINK to guide you in your decision making. Your best resource is your medical provider and please remember the school does not employ a nurse and our staff are not medical professionals.  

    • IMPORTANT to guide your children in grades 3-12 to their teachers Google Classroom for school work.  Students who are absent are expected to keep up with their Google Classroom work.  We look forward to your safe return to the classroom.
    • IMPORTANT for parents with children in Grades K-2 to contact the K-2 teachers directly for school work.
    • IMPORTANT QTS received Covid Test kits and can do student and staff tests.  Remember to order online your own home Covid Test Kits now available (https://www.covidtests.gov/)
    • QTS Human Resources available to assist parents include Home Liaison Hailey Miller, Registrar/Receptionist Stephanie Doebbler, Administrative Assistant Cody LeClair, Counselor Karla Kiedrowski  (School Staff Directory is on our web page)
    • Parent Student Handbook: Located on the School Web Page: Students: Parent/Student Handbook: Attendance page 34 (LINK)
    • Web Resources:

In conclusion, QTS will remain open for face to face learning, as long as our front line employees, bus drivers, cooks, para-educators, and teachers can remain healthy.  Like the rest of America we are short handed.  We are trying to differentiate for our employees health and safety, while remaining open for face to face learning as a school, so children continue the learning, albeit we may be low in attendance during January 2022.  Last Tuesday, January 18, 2022 our QTS School Board met and discussed in length that we want our parents and kids to feel safe and yet we also expect students to be accessing their school work.  The School Board agreed to “Stay The Course and Remain Open.”

UPDATE:  The kindergarten classroom has been reopened as of Thursday, January 20th at 8:30 am for learning, due to an exposure issue for the whole class, teacher and paraeducator.


Superintendent Mark J. Decker

Note: This section on parent news is going out to parents on the autodialler asking parents to reference their email and school web page.


Date Total Student Exposures Total Student Covid Cases Student Attendance
1/6/22 10 4
1/7/22 10 1*–> update 2 60% attending (70/117)
1/10/22 8 3* –> update 7 56% attending (66/117)
NOTE: Covid Cases in Grade K, 8, 9, 11, 12
1/11/22 8 3 36% attending (42/117) NOTE: BIE, State, County Health recommending to stay open and work through the low attendance
1/12/22 1 0 41% attending (48/117)
1/13/22 0 0 48% attending (56/117) Staff: 2nd staff covid case since Jan 1, 2022
1/14/22 6 0 44% attending (52/117) Staff: 3rd staff covid case since Jan 1, 2022
1/18/22 1 0 58% attending (68/117)
1/19/22 0 0 57% attending (67/117)
Totals 44 11* –> update 16
* Due to delayed testing results these numbers were updated on 1/14/22