Parent Communication on Attendance – January 12, 2022

Jan 12, 2022 | Announcements, COVID Updates

Dear QTS Parents, Staff, School Board Members and Community;

This morning, January 12, 2022, QTS learned that we have been authorized by several agencies to remain open for in person instruction.  The Quileute Nation Incident Commander / Chief of Police as well as other agencies like Clallam County Health Officer, Educational Service District 114, Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Bureau of Indian Education support the decision.  Our local School Board will be discussing the matter of in person learning on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.

Parents though you may be fearful of Omicron, help is on the way from Hailey Miller, Cody LeClair and Stephanie Doebbler who will be calling you as parents, helping you to understand the Quileute Nation Health Department flow chart for school attendance. Furthermore they will explain there is an expectation that students return to school soon once they are deemed safe and cleared for attendance. This week (Jan 12-14) those conversations will be in an advising tone.  Please start planning on sending your children back to school once they are cleared by QTS where we are following the QN Health Dept Flowchart.  Next week and beyond (Jan 18+), the conversations from Hailey, Stephanie and Cody will turn to discussions around when an absence becomes unexcused.  Reminder Grade 9-12 students have credit implications as the first semester ends on January 31st, so be sure to stay caught up.  All classwork work is expected to be completed in a timely manner for course credit.  If we all work together we will get through this battle with Omicron safely and most likely it won’t be cleared up until late January 2022.

Meanwhile, Grade K2 parents are to connect with their teacher by text/email (see our staff directory on the web page).  Grades 3-12 students are connecting in Google Classroom.   QTS is NOT offering remote learning opportunities for students once they are determined safe to return to school. Again, Hailey, Stephanie, and Cody will help parents understand that process.  Parents may choose online learning programs that are offered in WA State and parents are welcome to investigate them, de-enroll from QTS and enroll their child in those approved online programs should they choose.  We would really like you to continue your child’s education at QTS by following the QN Health Department Flow chart and getting your children safely back into in person learning at QTS.

Reminder that the School Web Page ( and the official School Facebook page ( are places for families to get the correct information for the school. All other sites are considered unofficial sites and should always be reviewed with caution.

This email will be followed by an auto dial informing parents to check their email on file with the school.  Stay safe and know that QTS is here to assist!


Mark J. Decker
QTS Superintendent

NOTE:  This message went to parent cell phones/text, parent emails, staff emails, official school web page and official school social media facebook page.

Date Total Student Exposures Total Student Covid Cases Student Attendance
1/6/22 10 4
1/7/22 10 1 60% attending
1/10/22 8 3 56% attending
NOTE: Covid Cases in Grade K, 8, 9, 11, 12
1/11/22 8 3 36% attending NOTE: BIE, State, County Health recommending to stay open and work through the low attendance
1/12/22 1 0 41% attending
Totals 37 11