QTS Omicron UPDATE January 12, 2022

Jan 11, 2022 | Announcements, COVID Updates

Posted on January 11, 2022 @ 5 pm and updated January 12, 2022 @ 7 am

QTS will be contacting parents on how to bring students back to QTS Safely based on the LINK Tribal Health Quileute Community Covid 19 Procedures .

Expect to hear by phone from:

  • Home Liaison Hailey Miller
  • Receptionist/Registrar Stephanie Doebbler
  • Administrative Assistant Cody LeClair

According to the LINK Tribal Health Quileute Community Covid 19 Procedures, exposed (and eventually post covid) students will soon be able to return to QTS.  Hailey, Stephanie and Cody will begin helping parents understand how to safely get their child back into school in the coming school days.  As of the close of January 11, 2022, QTS is being advised to remain open.  With many students absent we know some parents and family members are challenged with work schedules, children at home and/or working through Covid.  Students in Grades 3-12 please access Google Classroom. Parents of Grade K2 students, please communicate with classroom teachers.  Our aim in the coming days is to help parents understand the process established by the Quileute Health Department in getting your children back to QTS safely.

FYI: 19 of 20 schools on the West End are conducting “In Person” (IP) learning as of January 11, 2022. Three Tribal Schools based on advice of their Councils and Boards have switched to “Remote” (R) for a couple of weeks including Chief Leschi (Jan 5th -Puyallup), Lummi Nation School (Jan 12th-Bellingham), and Queets Clearwater.

QTS Omicron Variant STUDENT DATA 2022 – Students returned to QTS on January 5th, 2022:  117 students are enrolled. Between January 7th – 11th, zero (0) QTS staff have been found positive for Covid – Omicron though as of January 11th we have three staff absent waiting on covid test results.  83% of QTS staff is vaccinated with boosters.  Staff data is not included in the student data below.

Date Total Student Exposures Total Student Covid Case Student Attendance
1/6/22 10 4
1/7/22 10 1 60% attending
1/10/22 8 3 56% attending
NOTE: Omicron Cases in Grade K, 8, 9, 11, 12
1/11/22 8 3 36% attending NOTE: BIE, State, County Health recommending to stay open and work through the low attendance
Totals 36 11