Covid UPDATE October 7, 2021

Oct 7, 2021 | COVID Updates

Covid UPDATE for October 7, 2021

  • QTS is monitoring two (2) cases of Covid in the adult population. Both cases are breakthrough meaning the adults were vaccinated.
  • QTS is monitoring ten (10) cases of possible exposure in the adult and student population.
  • QTS continues to see no spread of the virus at school.  It typically is poor choices on weekends or large gatherings.
  • QTS students continue to pick up breakfast and eat breakfast in the classrooms.
  • QTS students are eating lunch in the multipurpose room; Grades K6 (Max 52) in cohort grade levels at lunch tables; Grades 7-12 (Max Range 40 – 63) in cohort grade levels at lunch tables. This practice began approximately September 20, 2021 as our staff needed a 30 minute lunch break during the day.  Group size is not a factor due to our school size, unless the whole school was involved.
  • QTS is in contact regularly with Quileute Nation Incident Commander / Chief of Police Michael Foster and Dr. Allison Berry, Clallam County Health and Human Services.
  • QTS Superintendent Mark J. Decker is the Covid Contact tracing person for the School and administers Covid testing as needed for QTS staff and students.


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