QTS Covid UPDATE Tuesday, Sept 21

Sep 22, 2021 | COVID Updates

QTS Covid UPDATE Tuesday, September 21, 2021


  • Currently we have 26 people (mostly all students) not attending due to exposure to Covid 19 Delta virus.
  • QTS currently has 1 confirmed student case of Covid and 1 unconfirmed student case of Covid this is drop from five (5) total.  Typically I am seeing some kids get high fevers and others very few symptoms.  Please monitor and call your health care provider for advice.
  • So far QTS has been fortunate to witness cases coming in from outside and not seeing evidence of spreading within the school.
  • Cases are reportedly dropping slightly in Clallam County.
  • We are entering cold and flu season, so prepare yourselves.
  • Families and QTS staff are exhausted, as everyone is doing their best to navigate these uncharted waters.
  • Vaccination we know is the key!  The Pfizer vaccination is reportedly nearing FDA approval for ages 5-11.  Booster shots are coming soon!
  • 83% of the QTS staff is vaccinated and QTS School Board has passed a motion (September 8th) to test every fourteen (14) days all non-vaccinated staff.  QTS remains in a “choice” mode for vaccinations as per consultation with QN Incident Commander / Chief of Police and QN Emergency Management Team Recommendations from September 16, 2021.
  • Quileute Tribal Health will provide vaccinations currently to ages 12 and older, please call them for an appointment.
  • Our QTS K12 Principal has been working with lunch schedules to keep our students in cohorts, but also provide a 30 minute break in the day for our teachers.  Cohorts of students are eating in the multipurpose room within grouping size allowed. QTS Director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation is working on a solution to have picnic tables built so students can eat outside on weather appropriate days.  Currently our outdoor seating is limited for obvious reasons.
  • Superintendent Mark J. Decker is the Covid Contact person for the school and District Contact Tracer, working hand in hand with QN Incident Commander / Chief of Police, as well as Clallam County Health and Human Services.
  • Remember to please reference the School Flow Chart Linked HERE produced by Clallam County Health and Human Services.





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