QTS One Bus Run – Beginning Sept 1, 2021

Aug 25, 2021 | Announcements

QTS announced Wednesday, August 25th, 2021 that only the Forks bus run will be available to students.  Students inside the boundary of the Quileute Nation will need to walk, ride a bike, or carpool to and from until further notice in mid to late September.  Please click “Read More”

Letter sent out August 25, 2021
Dear QTS Students, Parents, Staff, School Board, Incident Commander/Chief of Police and Tribal Council;
QTS is reaching out to you and letting you know that unfortunately QTS had to make a late change in bus routes.  QTS will only be able to provide one am/pm bus run to and from Forks, as we did last school year.  Students inside the boundaries of the Quileute Nation will need to walk, ride a bike or carpool to and from QTS, until further notice.  QTS also will continue its procedure from last school year of not providing transportation service to/from the Hoh River Valley, simply due to bus driver shortages.
QTS like many other schools are finding employee shortages, particularly with bus drivers, is a challenge.  QTS continues to work on potential solutions for student transportation, but we will need to wait until mid to late September to see if those solutions are real.  QTS understands the hardship this places on our families and we are empathetic to your challenges and strive to continue to find solutions.
Meanwhile, our QTS team will soon announce the bus run and location pick up and drop off times for outside the Quileute Nation boundaries.  Reminder students will need to enter the building from the side kitchen door (due to Covid) at 8:30 am, which is a new time this school year for breakfast. Classes begin at 8:55 am.  Students may not enter classrooms or other parts of the building until 8:30 am due to Covid restrictions and staff needing thirty minutes to prepare their day.
  • 8:30 am.                   Students may enter QTS, as they did last year only from the side door                                              (Kitchen/Multipurpose Room)
  • 8:30 am                    Bus arrives from Forks
  • 8:30 am – 8:55 am    Breakfast served in classrooms
  • 8:55 am                    Classes begin
  • 3:10 pm                    Classes end Monday – Thursday
  • 3:15 pm                    School Bus leaves for Forks –  Monday – Thursday
  • 2:10 pm                    Classes end Friday
  • 2:15 pm                    School Bus leaves for Forks – Friday
Watch for bus stop communications coming by the end of the week or Monday, August 30th at the latest.  Please note this information is going out on the QTS autodialer, QTS web page, QTS official social media site and parent emails on file with QTS.  If you do not receive this message, then please call the school and ask for help from one of the following at QTS:
  • Home Liaison Hailey Miller (360) 374-1156
  • Registrar Stephanie Doebbler (360) 374-5648
  • Administrative Assistant Cody LeClair (360) 374-1152

Mark J. Decker

QTS Superintendent 
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