Pfizer Clinic for Ages 12 and older

May 25, 2021 | COVID Updates

Quileute Tribal Health is setting up a Pfizer Clinic for Covid 19 shots for children 12 or older.  Please contact the Quileute Tribal Health Department to have your child entered on a list.  Tribal Health will contact you.  (NOTE: A Voice Message and Text was sent to QTS parents regarding this information on Tuesday, May 25, 2021.)


  1. is this also for non tribal member students?

    • We are verifying with QN Tribal Health.

    • Yes this will be open to all 12-17, native or non native, fork or tribal school.

  2. QTS would encourage parents to please direct questions to QN Tribal Health. The number to call is 360-374-9035.


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