May 21 – June 2: QTS 100% Remote

May 20, 2021 | COVID Updates

May 20, 2021 QN Tribal Council announced that all employees who can work from home should do so Friday, May 21st through Wednesday, June 2nd in an attempt to flatten the Covid 19 curve here at the Quileute Nation.  QTS will follow this request and honor the Tribal Council and it’s employees decision.  QTS Staff, from their homes, will be delivering instruction 100% online in the typical schedule students have followed the past several weeks.

QTS Breakfast/Lunch service will be CLOSED May 21st through June 2nd because families have access to pandemic EBT cards.  QTS had three students who picked up Covid 19 on or about May 9th.  Over 70% of the QTS staff are inoculated with shots.  Recently, we recommended thirty students (and zero staff) for testing, based on health professional recommendations, using contact tracing strategies. So far all students recommended have tested negative for Covid 19. We are convinced that the Covid 19 protocols at QTS are working.  We encourage the entire La Push community to wear your masks, wash your hands, social distance and most importantly monitor your personal behavior after hours and weekends to slow the transmission of the virus.

  • Parents may contact their children’s teachers by school email or through the Personal Learning Management System/Core 4 (please see this LINK)
  • The School Main Office phone number is 360.374.5648 (forwarded to Stephanie Doebbler’s cell)
  • For a School Directory please click this LINK
  • The Administrative Assistant phone number is 360.374.1152 (forwarded to Cody LeClair’s cell)
  • The Home Liaison phone number is 360.374.1156 (forwarded to Hailey Miller’s cell)
  • The School Counselor phone number is 360.374.1140 (forwarded to Karla Kiedrowski’s cell)
  • The K12 Principal can be contacted at 360.374-5657 (forwarded to Ryan Steven’s cell)
  • The Student Services Director can be contacted at 360.374.5602 (forwarded to Anita Baisley’s cell)
  • The Superintendent can be contacted at 360.374.5609 (forwarded to Mark J. Decker’s cell)
  • For emergencies, contact the Superintendent directly on his personal cell phone 360.301.4182.


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