Olympic ESD 114 Regional Classified School Employee of the Year

May 21, 2019 | Uncategorized

Stephanie Doebbler, Receptionist and Registrar
Quileute Tribal School

Stephanie began working in education by following in her mother’s footsteps – a school counselor who was named “Indian Educator of the Year” in 1991. Seeing how much her mom loved helping students and families made Stephanie realize she wanted to work in a school too.

Stephanie is the kind of educator who anticipates needs before anyone else. She helps organize many of the schools celebrations and educational events as well as fundraisers and other drives for those in need. Stephanie recently led an impromptu donation drive to support local Coast Guard members during the government shutdown, and she coordinates staff donations for the annual auction that supports holiday gifts for children across the region. She also serves as the district homeless liaison. Colleagues confirm no one goes in need if Stephanie knows about it.

One of the things Stephanie enjoys most about her job is welcoming students, parents, staff, and visitors to the school. She is the conduit between community and school. Stephanie has built long-term relationships with families and taken many new teachers under her wing to help them come to a deeper understanding of the culture and identities of the students they serve. Perhaps no event exemplifies this important work better than the Elders’ Day Celebration an annual event honoring traditional food, culture, and knowledge passed down. Stephanie helps recruit hunters, fishers, and cooks to prepare the feast for 200 people.

“She frequently shares information to help the staff understand the family history and needs of the children we serve,” says superintendent Mark Jacobson. “She talks with trouble students, guiding the to make positive decisions in their lives; she talks with parents, helping them understand the importance of working with the staff and the importance of getting their children to school every day and on relationships she has built over her tenure and her community involvement. Things get done because of her dedication, hard, work, and community support.”

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