Students of the Month for May, 2018

Teachers nominated students this month for showing “Responsibility”

Grades K-5
Ms. Davey wrote: Aaliyah consistently works hard in kindergarten, finishes all of her jobs with quality work and returns her homework each week. She listens well to directions and does her best to follow directions the first time. She also helps her classmates and is joyful about learning.

Grades 6-8
Ms. Ryan wrote: I would like to nominate Debbie for responsibility. She is really stepping up to the plate and doing what needs to be done. When she loses her work, or forgets something she fixes the problem, rather than complain and refuse. She has been working hard after school to catch up on work from another class too, taking the responsibility for her grade, and the homework that needs to be done to achieve it. These are steps in the right direction.

Grades 9-12
Ms. Ryan wrote: I would like to nominate Chenoa for responsibility. She is also the one who is consistently coming to me for the ROV team, to check in that things are being accomplished, and checking to see that the things that need done are being done. She is the first to double check assignments, and due dates. All of this, and when she misses a grade, she will accept her own fault and work on it. She takes responsibility for the decisions that she makes.