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    The Quileute Tribal School is looking for interested consultants to help us Move to Higher Ground! Please download the RFQ to get started.
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    The Quileute Tribal School is located in La Push, Washington, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Our goal is to provide a safe learning environment, and an educational program that instills pride in our Native American heritage, while preparing our students for whatever the future brings!
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Future Generations

Children are our heritage. Students are our future.

Our Vision

Quileute Tribal School is a positive place to learn, grow and develop into a productive citizen with the global skills needed for an ever changing world and society.



Our Mission

Our students will gain and retain knowledge and skills necessary to make them responsible, productive, citizens.  They will develop problem solving skills, communication skills, and self-sufficiency skills that will allow them to interact at all levels of society. They will protect, preserve, and enhance the Quileute Language and culture for future generations.



Our Future

Our educational program establishes high expectations of all our students. We work tirelessly to provide equal access to a quality education in a positive, caring, learning environment. We promote cultural awareness, pride, and lifelong skills to all students from kindergarden through high-school.

Photo Gallery

Take a look at the exciting things that have been happening this year!

  • Photo Credit: Cheryl Barth
  • Photo Credit: Cheryl Barth
  • Photo Credit: Cheryl Barth
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Upcoming Events

  • 26 Oct
    Early Release All Day

  • 08 Nov
    School Board Meeting All Day

  • 09 Nov
    Early Release All Day

  • 10 Nov
    Picture Day All Day

  • 26 Oct - 11 Nov
  • 11 Nov - 26 Nov
  • 13 Dec - 31 Dec
  • 10 Jan - 26 Jan